Internal Infographics

Use infographics internally too.

Infographics have really taken off over the past year. They’re a great tool for communicating data and information in a fun and visual way.

Most infographics are used externally to show information and passively sell a companies service or product. They are easily shareable and printable.

We have started to move infographics internally.

Intranets, training manuals, process etc. can be boring and are often not easy to follow. I’m investing time in revamping our internal documents to appeal to our internal teams better.

Using infographics this allows information to be displayed in a visually exciting way that’s easy to follow and understand. It also encourages you to really think about the information that matters, stripping away any bumf leaving clear facts and data images.

If your using infographics internally, what kind of information are you finding works best designed in this way?


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