Quick Tips for Exhibition Success

Whether you’re attending an event or exhibiting, the key for good ROI is pre-show, at-show and post-show marketing.

Although planning should happen months in advance, remember these quick tips:


  • Tell everyone your speaking with that you’re attending and arrange to meet.
  • Ensure you send out a simple e-invite to your database with clear links for arranging to meet etc.
  • Do a final push one week before the event date.


  • The key to a successful event is the team you have on the ground.
  • Have the best ‘people’ people at the show, give them targets and make sure they capture everyone’s details.
  • Always have promotional items to hand out to everyone that passes by.
  • Think of an engaging incentive for your audience – game, prize, product launch and showcase it on your stand.


  • Follow-up to all leads within a week of the show – e-shot/call/information pack.
  • Ensure they are added to your database.


Have any other tried and tested event marketing tips?


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