Email Signatures – Easy marketing tool?

How many emails does your business send out each day? Your email signature is a great way to subtly market to your contacts, keeping them updated and with little effort needed from you.

Add to your email signature and market your latest exhibition, new product launch or link to your latest blog update. Such a simple and personalised way to drive a little extra traffic to your next business move.

Always have your main contact details but ensure you have the basics covered including social media and website links. You can brand and jazz up your signature with HTML coding, worth investing in if you can.

Remember to keep it updated, the message simple and the call to action clear. Your signature should still be short and personalised to you, so don’t overdo it.

So, how can you make your company signature better?



  1. I think if you have a brief missions statement or tagline, it would be a nice add-in. Especially if you’re emailing a lot of new contacts. I’ve always wondered how many people truly pay attention to signatures, unless they’re explicitly seeking contact information?

    1. I’ve often wondered the same but as it’s such a simple thing to update there’s no reason not to include. I also think if someone’s looking for your contact details why not show they a little more information as they are already engaged with you enough to want to communicate.

      I think for sales follow-ups adding things like a brochure link works really well. For example instead of sending a hefty attachment with your emails (can end up straight in the spam folder) why not just add a link to it in your signature footer, you can always refer to it in the email body text.

      With all of this keeping it short, relevant and clear is key. What are your thoughts?

      1. Short and sweet. Exactly. I have my social media accounts in my signature as well. I think that this is especially key for ongoing engagement and since I’m in marketing, it shows ‘my stuff’. I opt for icons over links to keep my signature ‘clear’.

        Typically, I stick with main contact information (including title), social media icons, and any time sensitive information, such as specials or large-scale announcements. Great idea on the brochure link, too – I will definitely have to put that into practice!

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