Internal Comms

Get your internal comms super good, starting with your Intranet

A good intranet can solve most of your internal communications problems. Whether your focus is to improve cross department comms, save documents in a central location, showcase news or reduce emails an intranet can really help.

So, what should/could go on your Intranet:

  • People bios & organograms
  • Who’s out in the company today
  • Learning & development hubs
  • Training manuals
  • Group function pages – Marketing / BD / Accounts / HR
  • Useful links
  • News feeds
  • Internal messaging
  • Company documents & policies
  • Company videos
  • Staff event gallery
  • Internal newsletter
  • Polls, forums & suggestions
  • Internal vacancies
  • Project management tools

The list is endless.

The idea is to make it useful in content and easy in function. There are many companies out there that can build you a bespoke intranet or you can simply buy an off the shelf template depending on your budget.

Make sure you get key people involved in the content, design and build covering all departments; after all its for everyone so make sure you know what they require from the intranet to make it useful to them.

Lastly ensure you launch well, make the internet the first page that appears when they open a browser and update regularly with fresh content and news.

Anyone got any great intranet tips or ideas?