Internet marketing

Get Automated!

Email marketing should be an integral part of your marketing plan, and there are lots of great email marketing and sms platforms out there to help businesses.

If you’re not automating your emails yet then you’re missing out. Many email companies offer great platforms for creating campaigns that link with your database, they offer solutions to increase and monitor ROI, productivity and maximise efficiency.

You can often easily set up automations through these platforms yourself. Whether it’s a ‘Thank you for registering’ email or a ‘Happy Birthday’ one, don’t waste time individually creating everyday campaigns when there are systems out there to help. Do your research and it will pay off.

Who wouldn’t want strong, personalised, and targeted messages to be sent out with no extra time of effort spent by you. What’s more you can report quickly on your campaigns and adapt as appropriate.

Who already loves automated email systems?


Pinterest – Make it work for your business

Pinterest has been around a while now and is a great addition to the social media channels available for marketing. Surprisingly not many businesses are using it, but perhaps they just don’t know how or what to pin…

Always start by creating your own profile and following things that are of interest to you, you’ll soon get a feel for how it works and can start up your own boards and pinning.

When starting a profile up for your business think about your audience, the Pinterest platform, and what would work best for the two. For example a Financial Services company may want to show their human side with a ‘Meet the team’ board showing team outing photos and consultant backgrounds, as well as handy ‘Financial facts’ board showing key financial forms and information.

Pin your infographics, marketing materials, product pictures, staff photos, anything that is a relevant image to your audience. Don’t forget to tag your posts with hashtags so they’re easily searchable. I always link them to the relevant call to action – company website pages, social media, articles etc. This also gives you extra information to share on your other social media channels and drive traffic to your new pinterest platform.

Don’t forget to follow related industry boards, companies etc and re-pin as appropriate to share with your followers. Great for showcasing your knowledgeable in your field.

Lastly make sure you have a ‘fun’ element to your boards, perhaps adding a board of the things you like or pictures of fun times in the office!

Remember Pinterest is all about visualisation and personality so showcase yours and your businesses and pin regularly.

Happy pinning!