Outdoor Advertising

Don’t forget outdoor advertising!

In this ever changing digital word marketers can often become focused on digital marketing tools and new technologies. We all know digital is important and must not be missed but let’s not forget about the tried and tested tradition methods too.

Outdoor advertising is a good one – we’re talking billboards, bus stops, busses, roundabouts etc. etc. It can be targeted to key locations/demographics as well as for boosting specific campaigns.

The key to this kind of advertising is to keep the message strong and simple. Outdoor advertising is designed to be seen by people on the go who will have little time on their hands. Keep the call to action clear and combine this method with other marketing channels for each campaign. Outdoor, radio, direct mail, digital advertising etc. should all work together for any marketing campaign to get the most out of it.

Costs for outdoor advertising are not bad either – contact your local council today to see who manages their outdoor advertising spaces and get a quote, It might surprise you!

Anyone had any good experiences with outdoor marketing?